Just imagine it’s been a long day and you’re tired and you just want to cuddle the green hair boy you love so much while relaxing in the comforts of your bed so you walk to your bedroom, where Michael is already asleep, and put on his stretched out sweater and as your about to lay down on your side of the bed Michael jumps up and shouts “NO YOU’LL CRUSH DANIEL!” And that’s when you realize he’s tucked the lion in on your side of the bed. So you just roll your eyes and join him on his side of the bed so you “don’t disturb Daniel.” And Michael Clifford is the cutest little shit ever I want 12 of him.

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"Your just a little bit out of my limit, it’s been two years now you haven’t even seen the best of me…"


I like the summer rain 

I like the sound you make 

We put the world away

We get so disconnected


OMG I´m so excited for the new version of try hard . It´s been my fave of all time 


Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer (re-uploaded)

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don’t stop - 5 seconds of summer


She Looks So Perfect (Acoustic) from the website bundle

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